Monday, March 27, 2017

Living the Dream in the 1950's when Maybelline commercials first appeared on television

Sharrie,  Donna and Billee Williams, Easter 1956.

As children, my sister's and I lived an average middle class life,
 while at the same time, our Great uncle, Tom Lyle Williams, advertised his beautiful Maybelline commercials on television for the first time  In 1956 Maybelline sponsored Princess Grace and Prince Rainier lll's, Wedding, as well as The Miss America Contest, The Perry Como Show and The Loretta Young Show.

But for us kids and all our cousins, it was playing in the backyard as usual, while waiting for the Easter Bunny to bring us baskets filled with chocolate Easter Eggs  and maybe a live bunny or chick

Read more about the 1950's and how Tom Lyle Williams steered the Maybelline Company to the moon and back, when televisions appeared  household's around the globe. You'll love my memoir, The Maybelline Story and the Spirited Family Dynasty behind it. Now on Audible books. 

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