Thursday, July 27, 2017

Let me introduce to my Maybelline cousins, Aaron Dietzen and Travis Rueckert, Mabel Williams Hewes, great grandsons.

Mabel Williams Hewes is Maybelline's namesake. Founded in 1915, by her brother, Tom Lyle Williams, in Chicago.

Aaron Dietzen is Brian Dietzen's brother. ( Brian plays Jimmy Palmer in the TV show, NCIS.)

Product Details

These two very talented cousin's of mine just published the most charming Children's book, called "Montgomery Eugene Cobblesworth Picks Up."

Montgomery Eugene Cobblesworth is a very bright boy with a very bad habit... He never picks up after himself!  Find out what happens when Montgomery's newest invention makes even bigger messes than he does!

The pictures in the book are quite unusual, because every piece was made and photographed. It took over two years creating and building everything in every image.  The rooms, the characters, the furniture and every prop were made from scratch in Aaron and Travis garage shop in Longmont, Colorado!

You can order the book in either soft cover format and/or Kindle. Hard cover coming soon! 

If you would like the ease of purchasing the story through Amazon in either soft cover or Kindle format, click here (or type in "Cobblesworth" in the search field. It is the only entry on all of Amazon!):
If you do purchase this story, please feel free to write a review. All sales and (positive) reviews will help get this book off the ground. 

If you would like to purchase the story in soft cover format, go here:

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