Washington, Economic Sanctions, Retirement Crisis, the Middle East, Africa and Why We Miss Glen Campbell

From Canton North Carolina political analyst and professor Ralph Hamlett continues his analysis of the headlines from Washington, including the war of words and threats between Washington and North Korea.
From London England financial analyst Gavin Graham checks in with a report on the impact of the North Korean drama on Europe and on the stock market and also has examines the sanctions against Russia.
From New York, Paul DeSisto, Director and Senior Portfolio Manager at M&R Capital Management Inc. focusses on whether we are in a retirement crisis.
From Lagos Nigeria, journalist Samuel Okocha provides an update on Boko Haram, the Nigeria terrorist group and the Nigerian army’s ultimatum to capture its leader and on the mixed news about the insurgency.
From Dubai, Global Risks analyst Allison Wood looks at American foreign policy in the Middle East.
From Hollywood, author and commentator Sharrie Williams looks into the reasons why we miss Glen Campbell so much.
American Narratives is produced and anchored by Al Emid journalist, broadcaster and author of several books including What You need to Know About Isis
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Ralph Hamlett
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Gavin Graham
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Paul DeSisto
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Samuel Okocha
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Allison Wood
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Sharrie Williams
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