From Lagos, Nigeria, African journalist Samuel Okocha looks at America’s lack of coherent foreign policy in Africa and the resulting competition from China.
From Jerusalem, Mr. Avi, a conflict analyst, that the world of terrorism goes far beyond ISIS and looks at Hamas, a militant Middle East group.
From Hollywood, author and commentator Sharrie Williams looks at the place of YouTube as entertainment.
Izzy Gesell, the resident humorologist continues his look at the humorous side of some of what goes on in Washington.
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Today’s Guests

Ralph Hamlett
Ralph Hamletton American Narratives
Samuel Okocha
Samuel Okochaon American Narratives
Mr. Avi
Mr. Avion American Narratives
Sharrie Williams
Sharrie Williamson American Narratives
Izzy Gesell
Izzy Gesellon American Narratives