From London England financial analyst Gavin Graham looks at the open dispute between President Emmanuel Macron and the armed forces and its implications for NATO and American foreign policy.
From Monaco, Russian analyst and investor James Beadle provides expert analysis on Russian issues and where Russia may be headed.
From Northampton Massachusetts, resident humorologist Izzy Gesell uses humor to separate the ‘fake news’ from the real news and to identify the real politicians from the ones who play them on TV.
From Hollywood, author and commentator Sharrie Williams looks at our fascination with the Kardashians, especially Kim Kardashian and whether she personifies a new Hollywood very different for the old Hollywood.
American Narratives is produced and anchored by Al Emid journalist, broadcaster and author of several books including What You need to Know About Isis
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Ralph Hamlett
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Gavin Graham
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James Beadle
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Izzy Gesell
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Sharrie Williams
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