Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Beauty Blogger lands Huge Maybelline Contract because of her influence with Twitter followers

This Beauty Blogger went from flat broke to landing a huge contract with Maybelline because she captured a tremendous audience with her beautiful blog and comments on how to use make up, fashion and personality. Very impressive article. She just blogged about what she was into and her followers ate it up. She wasn't a celebrity or a super model, just a girl from Arizona State University with a passion for what she loves. Another Passionology Ninja who made a killing on her love of sharing her stuff. 



Shayla Mitchell has the most incredibly-organized beauty stash we’ve ever seen.
By: Katie Becker
Photography: Tristan Kallas
“Influencers are going up. Look, Maybelline just collabed with a beauty blogger. That’s crazy. They use models. They use stars. I just think beauty standards are going to change and I really do think that bloggers are going to have a lot of influence. Before you would see a celebrity and say ‘Oh my Gosh. I’ll probably never see them in my life and look what they’re wearing.’ You couldn’t connect with them. You didn’t know what they did in their house. You didn’t know their family members. Nothing. With us, they know everything about us. I could be watching Game of Thrones on Sunday and so many people will be like ‘I watch Game of Thrones, too!’ Or ‘You make coffee and you have to have almond milk in it? I do that, too!” It’s that personal connection.” 

    On her beginnings in makeup: “In college at Arizona State, I was working full-time at MAC, then I was doing freelance on the side, and brides... Read More

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