Tuesday, January 30, 2018

103 years after Mabel Williams mixed Vaseline and ash to create Maybelline mascara, Beauty blogger, Madina Shrienzada mixes Vaseline and eye shadow to make homemade mascara

How it started: In 1915, Mabel Williams burned her eyebrows and lashes. Unsure how long they would take to grow back, she burned a piece of cork, mixed the ashes with petroleum jelly and applied them. The jelly soothed the burn and the ash gave her brows and lashes definition. Her brother, Tom Lyle Williams, noticed how darkening them made her eyes pop, and it gave him an idea for a new kind of makeup. Read more

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Review: There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to eye makeup.

Before Maybelline there was no mascara being sold to the public. 103 years later the original mixing of ash and Vaseline is coming back into Vogue. Beauty blogger Madina Shrienzada recently posted a video of her go-to DIY Vaseline mascara hack and it's taking over Instagram.  And, it's completely safe!!!
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This Woman Made DIY Mascara Out of Vaseline 

Watch the video to see how Madina Shrienzada concocts her own homemade mascara. Click on picture.



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