Saturday, January 6, 2018

Flight Attendants carried Maybelline in their over-night bags in the 1960s

Remember when Flight Attendants were called Stewardesses?

And carried over-night bags on short trips!
Well, most likely these Maybelline products could be
 found in most of their bags during the 1960s.

1960's American Airline Commercial.  Check the make-up and oh, were they really so naive!  I guess so, and to think that's what I aspired to be when I was 19...But Maybelline was the make-up in most every girls bags...Why?  because it was Quality Yet Sensibly Priced.

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  1. Aah yes...Stews! Some might say today's Stews have been so sadly degraded to 'just' be (fill in the blank). With all my heart, NO offense to either, but that makes me recall having either a TWA or Continental Stew...who had come close to being trained at a level of The Queens of Stews, of Pan AM.... to interface with that special Pan Am way. Dang! this was such a short lived series.

    Alas!...was it the thrill of my first flight, albeit just having very tearfully left my Bestest of Steadies of 2 1/2 years behind on the observation deck of Boston's Logan Airport for the 10 hour flight to LAX to enter USC, or was it the sweetness of the Stew's Tweed perfume (reminiscent ((blush)) of my very first Steady's) as she so suavely leaned close to teach me (who by the way, was nattily dressed in an off-white sport coat, shirt/tie/slacks of the era) how to buckle my seat belt (using the example she held in her hands of course), that so easily bedazzled me for the rest of the flight? Alas, as best I can recall, I'd only seen an eyebrow pencil, a powder compact, and a tube of nonstick lipstick amongst the innards of my Steady's "handbag", i.e. no eye lash brush, let alone shadow, given how beauteous she was.

    Alas and finally, Sharrie is now revealing it must have been the sophisticatedly subtleness and application of the Stew's Maybelline that bedazzled me such that I was sooo flummoxed that I offered her a dollar when she brought me (what in those days was) a Complimentary Pepsi that I agreed to. Not even the strictest of Pan AM conditioning could have prevented the uproarious laughter that ensued, shrinking me to feeling like a 7 year old from staid, i.e. that didn't even have one McDonald's at the time!, Massachusetts! I.e. THE 2nd most embarrassing experience in my Life!

    "Addendum" Seriously, lest I stand to be corrected by Readers herein....I'm thinking per her Nana's tutelage and had she wanted to, I would think this Chica or this (pardon Pearl) could easily have been the Standard for Training while having some fun within Pan Am IF she had wanted to. Given air travel today, one can't but wonder what a few consults by today's Sharrie (who obviously hasn't reached her "dotage"), would do putting a competitive edge on any airline, restaurant, or public interfacing endeavor, lest she had the time to have that sort of fun!?