Sunday, February 18, 2018

Forever Maybelline Sweethearts, The George and Helen Williams Huber Love Story

Annette, Noel A. and Helen Williams, 1929.
Like all little girls, Helen Williams grew up reading the Fairy Tale, Sleeping Beauty and dreamed that one day her Prince would come. Like many little girls her first love was her loving father, Noel J Williams, who was Vice President of the Maybelline Company and the most wonderful man in the world to everyone who knew and loved him. She wanted her Prince to have those same qualities and she found them in a young man named George Huber. 

Helen and George married very young. She wanted to be a Nurse and he a fireman. George followed through with his career, becoming a Captain in the Chicago Fire Department , while Helen made a home and gave him 7 children. Annette, Kathy, John, Patrick, Christine, Jullee and James. Eventually they left Chicago bought a ranch in Montecito California, where Helen raised goats and she and George grew old together living the good life. Their young love for each other never wavered and they remain eternal Sweethearts  

Helen George and little John her brother, Noel A. and Jean Williams Wedding, with t in 1949.

Helen and George, (Cook) at her brother, Dick Williams and Ann Flynn's Wedding, in 1955.  

That's a Beautiful Love Story!

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