Monday, February 12, 2018

Maybelline Family's "Tale of Two Sisters" Happy Romance Week

Two beautiful Maybelline sister's looking for the right guy during WW11.

A long time ago, in another time and place, there were two lovely sisters named June and Marilyn Haines - who wrote to lonely servicemen during WW ll. 

Never, was there a more romantic time in history, than World War ll.  Young girl's just couldn't help but be caught up in it and the magic of advertising only fanned the flames of desire, for true love.   
Marlene Dietrich dancing with a Service man at the Hollywood Canteen.
The Hollywood Canteen was a place where young people hooked up, and exchanged address.  Even Movie Stars showed up to dance with out of town Soldiers, Navy men and Marines. 

Movies made writing Love Letters, the most romantic thing a girl could do, and being a pen pal hinted at the promise of having a guy home to your arms.

June and Marilyn Haines.

So that's how this Love Story began, with two young ladies,
 doing their patriotic duty.

When June graduated from high school in 1943, she realized there were no eligible young men to be found.  Which sadly meant, no Saturday night dates, no Summer picnics, and definitely no New Years Eve, kisses under the mistletoe.  Being a        selfreliant girl, she decided the best way to meet a nice man, was to write a lonely soldier overseas and build a friendship.  

Marilyn Haines with her cousin Tony.

Her younger sister, Marilyn knew plenty of boys from high school, but none of them seemed as exciting, or worthy, as her new pen pal, Dick Westhouse.  After all, he'd grown up in an orphanage and obviously needed her!!  

Before long, Marilyn's pen pal letters, turned into love letters, and people began to say, " Marilyn, seem more interested in the mailbox, than anything else in the world."

After the War, Dick Westhouse and Marilyn began dating
 and talking marriage!

As fate would have it, June never had any luck with her Soldier Boy letters, so Marilyn and Dick, decided to bring their two closest people together, on a blind -double date.  You see, Dick had grown up with John Gary at the Orphanage - and they were best friends....   when June met Sergeant John Garysecretary to a General at Fort Sheridan a flame ignited, true love. 

Though Eva and Ches Haines, weren't too thrilled about their 17 year old daughter, marrying Dick Westhouse, right out of High School, they gave them their blessing and a beautiful Wedding as well. 

As for June and John Gary - they dated for a while, before he was sent to Germany and when the long distance romance got old, John returned to the US and they married.


By 1955 all the Haines kids were married,  in this picture we see, Jackie and Bob Haines - Dick and Marilyn Westhouse and their two boys - David and Jerry - John and June Gary, with their daughter Cathy, and their mother Eva Williams Haines.

And so the two sisters made their dreams come true!!! They got their Soldier Boys, and lived Happily Ever After..... at least for a while!!!

Tomorrow will continue Maybelline Story, Romance week - as we head towards Valentines Day, Feb 14TH.

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