Thursday, February 15, 2018

Maybelline Love Story Week continues with the Bob and Jackie Haines sixty years + romance

There once was a little boy named Robert (Williams) Haines, who was so adored, it seemed nearly impossible, he'd ever find a bride acceptable to his doting family

After two adorable daughters, named, June and Marilyn,  Eva and Ches Haines, rang the bells with delight,  announcing the birth of their baby boy.  Bobby was as close to a cherub as any child ever born, and with his curly brown hair, sparkling blue eyes and a sweet disposition,  like no other

Little Bobby, though having two doting sisters, was 
all-boy, growing up loving fast cars, cowboys and pretty girls.  Bobby's parents encouraged his adventurous nature, knowing someday he'd grow up to be a man they'd be proud of.

And yes, Bobby did grow to be a fine young man, devoted to God, Country and Family, wanting nothing more than to someday find the perfect girl, settle down and raise a family.

Bob, with his sister's June and Marilyn.

So it wasn't that unexpected, when he fell in love with a beautiful young girls named Jackie, four years his junior. Bob knew, she was the one!  Jackie was the new girl in school from Arizona, a cowgirl now living in Chicago. 

She was Independent and adventurous, with beautiful blue eyes and a stunning figure.  However, when her family returned to Arizona in her senior year, Bob wanted to follow her, but his parents said absolutely no!

"Not so fast - she's too young, you're making a mistake." his mother Eva, said.  But, he'd been raised  to be his own man and Jackie was the woman he wanted.  He followed his sweet 16 year old girlfriend out West and and stayed until she turned seventeen.

As soon as she graduated from High School in 1953, she and Bob married at the Church in Prescott Arizona, Bob and Jackie were so in love, nothing could stop them.

Jackie and Bob Haines, of the left, followed by Dick and Marilyn Haines-Westhouse, John and June Haines-Gary, Eva Williams-Haines.  Below is David and Jerry Westhouse and June and John's little girl Kathy.

Soon the Jackie was part of the Williams-Haines family and she and Bob had their first son, Steve Haines.  Eventually 5 more handsome sons came along and all grew up to be fine young men, just like their dad.  

Now that's a Love Story.

Jackie lost her beloved Bob a couple years ago but is surrounded by her big family and is loved by all.

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