Wednesday, March 14, 2018

For 100 years, Maybelline has helped Women everywhere to find the power of transformation

...gain confidence to pursue dreams

...develop optimism in the face of doubt inspired to pursue what can be
...and build the strength to make it happen, wherever life’s passion takes her.



To raise awareness in-stores and online, we’ve also taken our most iconic products – Great Lash, Baby Lips and Unstoppable Liner - and re-imagined the packaging so that young women everywhere can purchase their favorite Maybelline New York products, for a cause. These limited edition products will be in mass market retailers nationwide now until supplies last.

Woman can't be truly independent and free without being financially independent.....

When Women gained the power of Financial Freedom they chose the right to be noticed with MAYBELLINE..

In the 1920's the American frontier had been explored, and cities were now the epicenters of discovery. New technology demanded an expanded workforce. Women defied their stay-at-home roles. With the freedom of their own money, they behaved differently. They even started smoking.

Massive advertising campaigns by Lucky Strike Tobacco Company lured women as well as men into smoking with the slogan “It’s toasted!” After all, what could be more pure and aromatic than toasted, golden leaves.

The public fell for it. With product placement in the first self-serve grocery stores—the Piggly Wiggly chain—it was easy to develop a smoking and Maybelline habit overnight.

No one could stop their little purchases, which included beauty-products. The era when only performers and prostitutes wore make-up had passed.

The age of cosmetics had begun with Lash-Brow-Ine in 1915, which became Maybelline in 1916.....

Irene Rich worked for Will Rogers, John Wayne, John Ford, Ward Bond, Gale Gordon, George M. Cohan.

  She was a Maybelline Model in 1925 . 

Financial about knowledge and education! 

Read all about it in my book, The Maybelline Story and the Spirited Family Dynasty Behind It....

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