Monday, April 30, 2018

Vintage Hat Designers Lilly Dache' and Marion Valle' agree - EYE MAKE-UP IS AS NECESSARY TO CHIC AS THE SMARTEST HAT.

1936 Cocktail hats would not have been quite as exciting... without Maybelline
 Eyes lighting up a woman's face.

According to Marion Valle'..... Modern Eye Make-up is as Necessary to CHARM 

In 1936 Maybelline changed their look and product line to be more fashionable
 and appeal to a younger market. 

A new 10 cent size of Maybelline replaced the 75 cent larger size in the 1930's, so
 every woman could afford to be fashionable during the Great Depression.

                                             Lilly Dache' Hollywood's Mad Hatter, 

                                         Vintage American Girl by Marion Valle'

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