Monday, April 30, 2018

Vintage Hat Designers Lilly Dache' and Marion Valle' agree - EYE MAKE-UP IS AS NECESSARY TO CHIC AS THE SMARTEST HAT.

1936 Cocktail hats would not have been quite as exciting... without Maybelline
 Eyes lighting up a woman's face.

According to Marion Valle'..... Modern Eye Make-up is as Necessary to CHARM 

In 1936 Maybelline changed their look and product line to be more fashionable
 and appeal to a younger market. 

A new 10 cent size of Maybelline replaced the 75 cent larger size in the 1930's, so
 every woman could afford to be fashionable during the Great Depression.

                                             Lilly Dache' Hollywood's Mad Hatter, 

                                         Vintage American Girl by Marion Valle'


  1. Whao! Who, who is anybody or even a nobody and even straight, hasn't heard of Lily Dache (Daah shay!)...when, for example, growing up and ya had to watch e.g. the Academy Awards etc...cuz your Mom guarded the TV "dial". Yo...remember looking upon the red carpet at the Shrine Auditorium in LA!? Did ya ever get to go there or elsewhere Sharrie....maybe any "awards" at Grauman's, the Pantages, or elsewhere that you might elaborate on?

    Anyway, that is a excellent reminder to keep a lookout for setting one's e.g. Xfinity DVR, for when The Royal Wedding will be displayed!!! Lest anyone know better...or have an inside track...what will Kate or Pippa or Carmela...let alone QLiz... be sporting for head gear to outshine...tho they can't, no matter...the radiance die for....Meghan on the 19th! today's world of poli-exotica, I'm kinda thinking that Melania Trump beats out any wanna-bees from e.g. Follywood! Lo, besides physical elegance, she is Premier in terms of style and grace! I would bet...and Ok Ok... speaking as a guy, but if Tom Lyle were with us today, he would've given his eye teeth to wrangle Melania long ago to sit for Maybelline, given her most Enchanting Eyes...AND...regardless of being married to Trump! As such, I am completely flummoxed, lest I've wondered before, why Tom Lyle never gathered up these eyes for an ad shoot. wishing Y'all a Feliz Cinco de Mayo lest ya didn't know ! Oh my, speaking of eyes tho not Tom's

  2. great observation Bob, about the famous people and their hats and especially the Royal Wedding coming up this month. It will be all about hats. thanks so much for the great comment.

  3. I swear Sharrie...I didn't go looking for "trouble" to drag this out, but it found me and I felt obligated to share as who can't be fascinated by this "Fascinator" that Princess Beatrice of York wore so that we all have time to pray or perform whatever rituals we do do so we don't have to see it again! Caveat: once you see it, there is no putting the toothpaste back in the tube...albeit rumor has it the Brits don't have any! Elsewise fortunately, there are therein, some interesting history about British headgear and other Royal pics.
    Lastly, surely you remember from your crib, seeing your Mom/Miss Evelyn wearing millinery with a "veil" of netting ala Tom Lyle's FAV, Joan or

  4. I've been watching the Crown and love it. Can't wait for the Royal Wedding. Yes, Nana looked fabulous in her little cocktail hat withe the black netting. So glamorous. I need to post it. Thanks for the great ideas.