Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Maybelline, Cosmetic Queen for over a Century

Maybelline products, mounted on a card, and placed on display racks, for easy accessibility, was the brain child of Maybelline's marketing man, Rags Ragland, in 1935.

What we consider common merchandising today, actually began at the Maybelline Company, as a way to display their products and gain more attention.

Vintage Maybelline eye-shadow, placed on a card in 1935.

Today when we go to a store, all Brands are displayed this way, but 80 years ago, products were haphazardly thrown on a shelf, causing, great frustration, for the consumer and the sales team.

Carded merchandise extended the promotional impact of Maybelline, increased impulse buying, attracted customer's attention,organized products, enhanced shoppability and drove sales, to a higher bottom line. 

By the 1950's and 60's, all beauty products were carded and set on free-standing, twirling racks, also the brainchild of Maybelline's Rag's Ragland.

 By 1964,  ULTRA LASH MASCARA, was  born, taking the place of Maybelline's first wand mascara,  MAGIC MASCARA.  Some of you might remember buying a carded Maybelline ULTRA LASH,  for 69 cents.  
                             Those were the day's..

 Before ULTRA LASH,  the little red box, with a black cake of Maybelline, or this Maybelline cream mascara, was the only choice available to ladies.

This is what a 1950's, make-up bag was filled with, when Maybelline was advertised television for the first time and no longer a little mail order business, advertised in the classifieds. 

Maybelline has remained a Giant in the cosmetic field, as well The King, of Advertising and Marketing.

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