Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The Use of Makeup in The Film Industry

Makeup plays a vital role in the film industry and allows actors and actresses to be transformed into completely different people, animals, and monsters. It allows films to become much more realistic and it has a range of uses in many movies. Here are some of the best uses of makeup within the film industry.         

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The Fly

This movie actually won an award for the artist and his team for their work using makeup to transform the main character into a human-fly hybrid. Even though this film was before the days of CGI, makeup managed to create this spectacular movie and its effects. Whilst the makeup used in this film is not there to look pretty, it shows us just how makeup can transform a character and make us believe a storyline. The creators of this look started from the final cut and worked backward to make Brundle slowly transform into the character under the audiences watching eyes.


In this movie, Dustin Hoffman plays a regular old joe who can’t find a job. As he is getting frustrated tirelessly searching for one, he decides to dress up as a woman. This film uses makeup to totally transform his character and the effects are extremely realistic. The makeup team did an excellent job of portraying Hoffman as a woman. The film explores makeup in everyday life and how it can affect your feelings and confidence, as Hoffman become more noticeable and appreciated when he uses makeup, but he also begins to realize things he hadn’t known about his old self before, which he misses.

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

This famous series has been made into both a movie and a television series. Jim Carrey stars in the famous role of Count Olaf and is made to look quite evil with the use of makeup. Carrey is almost unrecognizable in this role and makeup changed him into an evil and sinister old man. Makeup was used as a great tool to captivate the audience and truly have them believe his wicked ways. Daniel Handler is the brains behind Lemony Snicket, with a range of books under this persona.

The Lord of The Rings

These three movies are known to many as the greatest fantasy trilogy of all time. First starting as a novel, the LOTR books quickly became popular and the first movie was released. The special effects in the movies are unreal, as are the efforts in makeup. Everything from the orc’s faces to the hobbit’s feet was made better by the incredible makeup skills and time that went into them. Makeup was also used to make the elves seem like magical creatures, ensuring their faces would glow in each and every scene. Makeup was used throughout this trilogy to bring even more depth to the story.

Makeup is not just used to make us look good, often, it is used as an art form. In all of these movies, makeup is used to captivate an audience and make the film more believable.

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