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Cancer Survivor, Jillian Veran Rezo, The Sexy Survivor gives a video review of the Maybelline Story

Jillian Veran Rezo 

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Latest Amazon reviews

April 29, 2019
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
I enjoyed this book so much. I am a sucker for how items came to be, how they were marketed and
how they survive in changing times. I also love beauty, so how could this miss? (Well, it could if
 another book of the same type is any indication...) While I know there are said to be three sides to
 every story, and in the middle lies the truth, I think the author did a wonderful job of bringing her
 family (warts...lots of them...and all) to life. I especially loved the parts about the history of 
Maybelline and the heart that was put into the products. This is the story of hard work, how family
 can help you, hurt you, or both. I loved the photos and the website Sherrie has. But, don't just rely
 on the site...there is a BIG story told won't be sorry.

April 14, 2019
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

Fascinating story about a company I have supported since my teens. The product development, the love, the loss and the family drama creates a page turner.

March 11, 2019
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
I accidentally came across this book when I was searching though biographies and the synopsis
 drew me towards it. It is wonderfully written and is keep u hooked wanting to know more about what they did next.
Until this book, Maybelline was just a name for me now I feel like I am a part of their history.
A great inspirational read of how an accidental idea became a worldwide phenomenon. I would
have liked more pictures included in the book.

February 20, 2019
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
I absolutely loved this book. The most entertaining book I have read in a long time and was never
bored which is rare for me. A wonderful look into the amazing lives of the rich and their journey from
 beginning to end. I enjoyed every minute of this book and think you will too. It was like watching a
 soap opera except it was all real.

June 14, 2018
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
I could not put this book down, a story of Maybelline make-up, the family that started it but what
money will do, the grandmother Evelyn I'm sorry to say had issues unhappy woman it seemed again
what money will do, really terrible, sad way to die, she trusted the wrong people it's a shame the
got away, I would definitely read any more books by this author, more on the family, it was a very
good book

July 1, 2018
Format: Kindle Edition  Verified Purchase
Highly recommend this book. It is an easy read primarily about the sister-in-law of the founder of the
cosmetic company. I would have enjoyed reading more about the founding of the Maybellne
Company and how it conquered the cosmetic industry. However, this book provides a rudimentary
outline of their fabulous success and fortunes amassed. The story of Evelyn Williams is spellbinding 
and reads like a novel. This is a must read on the consequences of too much money and how it
affects a family from Kentucky.

November 1, 2018
I like to read real history and being an entrepreneur myself I found this so close to home. You have
 all and lose it, have it again and lose it, but win at the end. The win does not come without the family
 dynamics and issues that face the every day family. An interesting read, but so many good lessons
 to be taken from the advice and knowledge of Lyle.

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