Monday, October 21, 2019

6 Things To Know About CBD (Newbie Guide)

If you got here then you likely don’t know much about CBD. But since it’s growing in popularity it might be a good thing to learn a little.
So let’s check what CBD actually is and what it does.

1. It is a compound of marijuana

This is the main basic fact about CBD. It is derived from marijuana and has about the same effects, except it is mostly sold in the form of oils. It makes people relaxed and calm.
But the thing is: CBD is completely safe and barely has any risks. It’s a non-psychoactive compound, which means that you don’t get high from it. You don’t become unpredictable, you don’t have a sudden increase in appetite and most importantly: you do not consume THC (a highly psychoactive compound that comes with a ton of risks).

2. It can be a cure for certain conditions

CBD has been proven to reduce or completely stop the effects of some diseases. Many people consider it to be the next step in modern medicine, as it can help with a ton of things.
Which includes arthritis, acne, migraines, anxiety and especially depression. All of these can be mild to severe, but CBD has been observed to be effective in all those cases. It is actually something of a miracle, as we haven’t seen any plants that are able to treat so many conditions.

3. It can relieve pain

The studies that have been conducted on the pain-relieving effects of CBD say that people prefer CBD to painkillers. It usually lasts a lot longer, has a more potent effect and is easy to administer.
CBD has actually been given to some cancer patients to lessen the pain chemotherapy causes. 50% of those who agreed to take part in a survey said that they would choose CBD over painkillers any time.
But of course, some people say that this is what makes “marijuana-like things” addictive. The short answer to that is: CBD isn’t addictive. But even if you can’t stop using it there won’t be much happening, because…

4. There is no such thing as CBD sickness

Many people think that using such a chemical would ruin your brain or some other organ that is keeping you alive. Or that at the very least long term use would have a negative effect on a person.
Both of these are completely untrue. CBD can actually help some people get over certain conditions or pain because of the extended use. Some doctors do recommend breaks if you like to consume CBD regularly, but no harm will be done if you don’t.

5. You can’t overdose

Now that we have addressed the fact that you can’t harm yourself by consuming CBD over a long period of time… Let’s talk about what happens when you take too much at once. 
Absolutely nothing. You would need to consume an insane amount of CBD for it to be lethal. And that would be both impossible to take into your body and very expensive. Also make sure to find out how long it takes for CBD to start working as that’s really important to consider. Especially if you’re taking it for the first time.
The most you can do is sedate yourself accidentally. If you first use CBD then you will likely look at how much you would need to consume for it to take effect. This way you will have to mess up your dosage a lot to sedate yourself. But even then it’s very likely that you will only take a little more than recommended. And what happens then?
You will either pass out for a short while (1-2 minutes) or won’t be able to move. Which is why we suggest first time users to consume CBD in a controlled situation where they can be cared for if anything like that happens.

6. There are a ton of (fun) ways to take it

Even though most people prefer to take their CBD in drops orally you can it differently. There are many ways to consume it, so you won’t have trouble finding something that fits you. So let’s talk about the methods people use nowadays.
Blunts are the most common right after drops. This way the CBD takes effect much faster but doesn’t stay in your system for as long. It can be flavored, so you can make the experience a little more fun if you want.
Another way is by consuming edibles. These can be gummies or even pastries that have drops baked into them. If you do the latter then you can customize your own “high” however you want (potency, taste).
But one of our favorites are the edible gummy bears. They can be found in all the flavors you can imagine and their taste is very potent. You don’t feel like you are consuming something for its’ effect, they are actually like normal gummy bears.


Even if marijuana isn’t your thing CBD is still worth a try. It can have a very positive effect on people’s lives if used correctly. Even occasional use is more than fine. Just don’t hold yourself back from trying it just because it’s a compound of marijuana. It really is a good thing.
Have you tried CBD before? How was the experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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