Monday, April 13, 2020

BEFORE AND AFTER - Became Maybelline's signature style in advertising by the late 1930's.

Maybelline not only created stunning new Before and After advertisements, they added eye shadow, pencil and an eyelash grower to their line of cosmetics by the late 1930's. 

Maybelline also innovated "carded merchandising," the brainchild of genius Rags Ragland - who now headed up the marketing department at Maybelline in Chicago. 

Before Maybelline products were placed on a card and hung on a display rack, the original little red and gold box of Maybelline was simple stocked in a box of six and placed on the counter next to the cash register, or hap hazardly mixed in with other random cosmetics someplace in the dime or drugstore. 

With Rags Ragland's brilliant idea of placing Maybelline products on a card and displaying them in strategic locations near the entry of the store, they became easily accessed by impulse buyers and the products remained fully stocked at all times .  Maybelline created many "FIRSTS," in the cosmetic industry that are still used today. 

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