Thursday, August 6, 2020

Love this latest review of my book, The Maybelline Story. b Curmudgeon

In today's world of PC-GenderEquality, please let me note 2 views of...Males! (Eh! no aspersions are cast on the previous Commentators! We quite be InSync!) 

Alas as Y'all may know, Sharrie was not, at least outwardly, a shy girl, or Saffron as they were called at Culver City High, but one who was given to 'cruisin' with a bevy in her hot '57 Chevy in the Sixties. One regular stop for nutritional refueling/socializing was an Alpine themed hamburger place with a new niche featuring D-i-Y sundae and burger condiment bars...ever put crushed nuts on a burger? Anyway, a former manager there happened to read The Mabelline Story and his ravings literally badgered me into reading this presumptively Girly-Girl life-drama "novel".

 Given I'm not much of a reader anymore, OMG this became one of my FAVs. If you be a male 'of an age', think of the cliffhanging "To-be-Continued", mostly cowboy, serials in Saturday afternoon theaters of your youth. For younger Dudes, think the same concept as used in Indian Jones' Raiders of the Lost Ark! Don't envision a dry-sandman that a family-bio might conjure up. My hunch is so many jumped to an erroneous presumption reading ads, they missed a great read.
Is there a sad part of my note? Yes: Sharrie has not published a fun read again/yet and e.g. Netflix hasn't picked up The Maybelline Story for one of their "Original" flicks or series. Elsewise, this should be on high school reading lists especially, tho not exclusively, for those Kids not planning on a college career....Go Horatio!

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