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Maybelline Story review from Maybelline’s first African America model's Great granddaughter

  Maybelline's first African American Model, Je'Taun M. Taylor, 

Je'Taun M. Taylor, Maybelline's first African American model, 1959, read more about this amazing woman, click link.

Review by Chane' Haynes,
Je'Taun M. Taylor's Great Granddaughter

Hi Sharrie☺️ how are you? Prayerfully better than ever! I have just closed your beautifully written book on its last chapter....and might I say that is one hell of a story!!!!!!! I loved and enjoyed every minute of it....up until that last part....with Nana....I can't stop crying.....who would be that sick and heartless😕😭😢....I despise heart aches and goes out to you and your family....on the contrary this story inspired and I have dealt with tremendously the same pain it's crazy....the weight thing I'm still trying to conquer, kudos to you😘😘😘....and my grandmother Cherie was just like your Nana....personality wise always seemingly judgmental yet only wanting the best for us......your story ignited a fire in me that I thought died long inspires me to to go full head on unapologetically with my dreams and to keep fighting the good fight no matter what life throws at me....your whole family were fighters not only verbally but physically and made me feel as though I was reading about my family without the money lol....I felt indulged in the story as if it were happening in front of my eyes....this book definitely deserves airtime for a movie and 5 amazing stars....I'm not saying that just to be saying that, you definitely can change the route in someone's life just by inspiration and this book was just that! It gave me life, hope, and sadness took me through so many emotions but I loved every bit of it....I would love to write a book just don't know where to know your blessed if you can inspire and change someone through text who has never met you, and that you are! Thank you for this special will remain with me forever and all the lessons it has taught me.....I will continue to read this book lol I could never get tired of it. Thank you for your story.

Review by Mami-Melay Tati Taylor
Je'Taun M. Taylor's Great Granddaughter

One of the ‪#‎Best‬ books I've read in my 23 years of living hands down!! ‪#‎TheMaybellineStory‬ by Sharrie Williams ....a memorabilia that seeps drama, laughter, pain, pleasure, wealth, wisdom, inspiration and hope all in one....also gives very knowledgeable tactics on advertising, marketing and entrepreneurship for the business mind as well as inquires inside scoop on how the beauty industry operates....Definitely is going to make a great movie and I can't wait to watch! 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ A ‪#‎MustRead‬ go get your copy!! click the ‪#‎link‬ to show this amazing story support...and if not this show will still move forward. Y'all be blessed✌🏽️👌🏽

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