Saturday, August 7, 2021

War time rationing at the Villa Valentino in the Hollywood Hills


Maybelline Founder Tom Lyle Williams, at his Villa Valentino during the 1940s. Originally owned by Rudolph Valentino

Tom Lyle Williams with his nephew Bill Williams at the Villa Valentino

Bad-mitten Court at the Villa Valentino

Lush gardens surrounding the Pool at the Villa Valentino

Excerpt from a letter written by Emery Shaver to his sister Betty from the Villa Valentino, Hollywood, California, dated January 26, 1944

War time rationing at the Villa

We have been having a most usual cold spell, but it is not too severe, however, the heat, especially at night, feels very good.  Our garden had been coming along so well, many lovely roses and camellias now, and some azaleas.  Some of our citrus trees are bearing heavily, so we have plenty of oranges, grape-fruit and tangerines.  

Food is scarce and very high.  We just cannot manage to have all our meals at home, so we have to eat out often, however, tonight we are having Lyle's favorite, vegetable soup, a big pot of it, and we will make a meal from that, as there are plenty of vegetable and meat in it - well, maybe I exaggerate a bit - not so much meat.  With gooseberry pie for dessert, it should be a good meal.

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