Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Maybelline memories of my childhood Love, for MGM Star Ester Williams

Ester Williams, made her way to the top of box office success in the 1940s.  The pool and wartime pinup pictures of Ester, in bathing suits, made her a Star.  The upswing in home swimming pools during the the 1950 was said to be because of Hollywood's Queen of the Water Ballet.
My parents nicknamed me Ester Williams, when out of the blue, I slid off my float and swam to the edge of the pool.  I was 3 years old and everyone made a big deal out of it. I was born with natural talent for swimming, everyone said.  As I grew older, I hoped to become a water ballet star at MGM, where my grandfather, Andy Mac Donald was head of the prop and construction department for over 50 years.   
"Ester Williams, Get out of the pool NOW!" became my parents mantra, because I'd stay in in the water until my fingers looked like prunes.

Still a Mermaid in 1968, right after the Maybelline Company sold. My dream was to live by the ocean.  It came true when we moved to Newport Beach, that year

As a little girl, I imagined being a Bride someday, dressed in a white bathing suit with a veil pinned to my sleeked back hair. I pictured my Groom and I diving to the bottom of the pool, saying a quick "I Do" and coming up a married couple.  All my guests dressed in bathing suits, would joyously jump in and congratulate us. What could be more fun, I thought!!!
1987 at my father's home in Palm Springs California.  Me, my brother Preston, my daughter Georgia and my dad, Bill Williams. After a day of swimming in his giant, Casa De Guillermo pool.

So as a born Mermaid myself, I can imagine my swimming Idol, EsterWilliams, orchestrating a beautiful water ballet right now in Heaven and when I join her, I hope she will cast me in one of her heavenly productions. ❤️ 

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