100% Hemp Oil Extract

No drugs or alcohol for me I'm staying healthy with 100% Hemp Oil it gives me that real good feeling without the high.

In my book, The Maybelline Story, I not only tell about the birth, great success and
 sale of the Maybelline Company, but also, how I was affected by the life changing
 event within my family.

 For me using drugs and alcohol were common place in my 20's as my "Party Girl" persona, influenced by the Campbell Soup Artist,  Andy Warhol's legendary,
"Edie Sedgwick," took me to the edge like it did Edie... Luckily I didn't jump. 

During those tumultuous Boogie Nights 70's my life was a series of ups and downs.   Keeping up with my social life and dealing with what was going on with my family
forced me into smoking pot, snorting Cocaine and doing Quaalude's,  but the price
I paid, was eventual burnout. 

Eventually I got clean and sober in 1991 and touched drugs or alcohol again. In fact
I'm more of a health nut now and do everything natural, including being a vegan,
doing yoga and leading mostly a quiet life.

Last year I had open heart surgery for a valve repair and had to do a lot of prescription drugs.  My Cardiologist still wants me to consider going on blood pressure medicine but I refuse. I want more natural remedies to stay strong and
healthy now.

Recently, I found out about Hemp Oil, made from 100% Hemp extract and bought
a bottle to try it out.   It claimed to calm that flight or flight feeling, which is the
source of my blood pressure going up under emotional stressThe first time I tried
it, I immediately felt calm and content, without the high Cannabis gives you.
I have continued to take 4 doses under my tongue everyday and all I can say is...
I love it. It works.  

I'm sharing my story, because I know a lot of you need repair and maintenance
 for a variety of health issues, including inflammation.

 If you are interested in researching Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil, please check it out at


 I recommend it 100%.

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