Original Maybelline, 1916

Evelyn Boecher Williams

Preston on top, Tom Lyle and Evelyn below

Williams Family, 1916, Preston, Eva, Tom Lyle, Mabel, Noel, Susan and TJ

Tom Lyle, 1934

Merle Oberon
Villa Valentino
Joan Crawford

Betty Grable
Bill and Pauline Williams on their Honeymoon, 1945
Villa Valentino,

Hedy Lamarr
Preston Williams with his sister Eva Williams Haines
Mabel Williams, 1915 Maybellines namesake.

Noel and Frances Williams 1916

Evelyn's sister Bunny Boecher, 1921

Evelyns sisters Verona and Bunny, 1920's Fashion Plates
Evelyns sister Bunny, 1933 Bathing Beauty.
Tom Lyle and Tom Lyle Jr, with new Packard, 1934

TJ, Tom Lyle and Tom Jr.

Eva (Williams) and Ches Haines, 1925
Eva and Baby Marilyn, 1927
Eva and Ches Haines son Bob with his bride Jackie 1952
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