Friday, October 29, 2010

Reaching out to kids in Sub-Sarahan Africa

There is nothing better than reaching out and giving a child in need a hand up.  It is true, by serving others, we experience pure joy...there is nothing that can compare.

Instruments 4 Africa (501c-3) is a small, grassroots organization....100% volunteer managed by a group of dedicated Americans living and working in Bamako,Mali, West Africa.  They have been building relationships based on trust in the local Malian community since 2003.  Because of this, Instruments 4 Africa is able to work directly with underprivileged kids and their families.

100% of the donations received by Instruments 4 Africa go to serve the kids in the program, paying for school tuition, malaria tests and treatment medication and training in the traditional arts by Malian master teachers.  The traditional culture of Mali is a vibrant living thing that brings joy and connection to a society that from the "outside looking in" seems extremely impoverished.  It is important to pass on these traditions to the children, to keep hope alive.

Just like the Instruments 4 Africa kids, The Maybelline Story is filled with hope and the will to keep going to reach the highest dream.  To reach out to kids in Mali, please join the cause on facebook or click here to donate ! You make a difference...Thank YOU!

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