Saturday, October 30, 2010

KCAL-9 interview

Sharrie:  Just knowing that Tom Lyle was our uncle gave us a special feeling.  Having the privilege of his quality time, his exceptional wisdom and personality brought us joy and made us feel special.  We were not a part of the “company” we were “the family.”  We lived in L.A. not Chicago.  My uncle lived in Bel Air but ran the company which was in Chicago.  I was a teenager when I really became aware of it all but as far as meeting celebrities, my parents had that experience but we were actually not interested in “stars” or “celebrities,” we were born and raised in L.A., stars didn't mean anything to us.  We were more interested in cruising the “Culver A and W” and hanging out with our friends at station seven in Santa Monica.  It was a privilege having Unk Ile as our Uncle or our Godfather.  We’re 3rd generation L.A. people raised in the back lot of MGM studio’s where our Grand Father was the boss of the prop department.  It was all an advantage because it was such exciting times, we took it for granted. The combination of the fun of living in L.A. and having our wonderful uncle in Bel Air, getting to spend every single Christmas day with him was the advantage, in addition to the financial dividend’s my Dad received which always supplemented a more comfortable lifestyle.

Here I am with my sister Donna Williams at KCAL-9, waiting for my interview.  Check out Maybelline on the screen.  This was just a coincidence.  Pretty amazing don't you think!

KCAL 9 – October 29, 2010
Talking Points for Sharrie Williams “The Maybelline Story”

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