Monday, November 1, 2010

Grandiose Expectations

WOUNDED by being RICH and FAMOUS: The lifestyle that surrounded you was quite glamorous; and of course there was the privilege of growing up in wealth and surrounded by luxury. But was there a downside? Did you get to “have” and “be” “normal” as a child? and you do say you were wounded by the wealth and the family values that surrounded being a “Maybelline” family member.. what were the wounds, and how did you overcome them?

Sharrie:  I think it was a painful distraction to watch my Grandmother and my parents in a power struggle over certain family values.  I was torn between my Grandmother's grandiose expectations and our mother's family values, which were more down earth.  The striving to be “normal” and not keep secrets was what we struggled with.  I was expected, by my Grandmother Evelyn, to look and represent Maybelline and perfection, at least that‘s how I interpreted it.  Unfortunately, when I was a child I had a weight problem so she really worked on me in particular, which created serious eating disorders and lead to all kinds of  low self worth and health problems, prescription drug use, etc.  As far as luxury, we were very comfortable but not the rich and famous you may be thinking of.  My uncle believed in moderation and discretion.  That was his philosophy.  For our branch of the family, once the Maybelline Company sold, it was a spending frenzy!  My Dad was attacked by gold diggers in Newport Beach and that’s when our little branch of the family began to crumble.  You have to read the book for those details.  These were my wounds and I overcame them by getting into recovery……..the 12 Steps.

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