Tuesday, November 2, 2010

gay or bi-sexual?

In the book you “out” Tom Lyle as gay, or bi-sexual… How’s that going over with your family? And, why wasn’t his sexual orientation known at the time—it must have been difficult to live a double life so to speak?
Sharrie: Well, we loved him so much and he didn’t flaunt his sexuality, so no we never witnessed any homosexual behavior.  He was simply handsome and glamorous and we were crazy about him and didn‘t think twice about anything.  His father was the original one who suggested he move to California, and he loved Hollywood anyway….since he could be himself and live with his partner without scrutiny. He must have been bi-sexual because he did marry and did father a son. He also loved actress Alice Faye for many years…and Evelyn, too.  As far as it being difficult for him, I would imagine, there was “The Hays Codes” that literally encouraged society to hold homosexuals responsible for destroying good morals.” 

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