Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More more more!!!!

Here is my cousin Kathy Dellarusso (Williams-Huber ) on Vacation in Mexico.  She can't put the book down and says she's reading it slow because she doesn't want it to end.  This seems to be the response I'm getting from most everyone who picks up The Maybelline Story these days.  Most people including my family say they wish there was more more more.  I had to cut the book down from over 900 pages to 416 pages and believe me it was painful letting go of so many wonderful stories, descriptions and pictures.  People are saying they want a second book with more description about what happened to everyone and where they are today.  I just may do that.  Find out for yourself how fun a read the Maybelline Story is and buy an autographed copy from me today.  More pictures of Kathy to come as she makes her way through the book while traveling in Mexico. 

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