Thursday, November 18, 2010

Maybelline's best kept secret was Rags Ragland Sr.

Let me introduce myself.  I am Alan 'Rags' Ragland the youngest and closest son to the 'Rags', who you undoubtedly will be coming to know in THE MAYBELLINE STORY.  Rags was the marketing guru who saw the expansion potential of this lonely little company at the corner of Ridge and Clark in Chicago.

I am so delighted that Sharrie Williams and Bettie Youngs have brought this silent story to you.  This has been a dream of Sharrie’s and I started talking to her about the inner workings of  Maybelline an estimated fifteen years ago. I am probably the last inside person left, that is able to reflect this fascinating and unbelievable success story.  Dad/Rags, was the only top executive outside of the Williams family.  Most of the reflections are from him and my exposure to these remarkable people.  Hence, hopefully, this will be another perspective of the scenario that is helpful in filling in the total picture


  1. blew me away to know your dad was a huge reason for Maybelline. (I know of him only from all his movies -- big fan... what a huge loss byhis ealrydeath)

  2. Alan, I had no idea that your father was a big part of Maybelline! I cannot recall if we discussed that during our lunch visits in Marina del Rey, but what a fascinating story! Your brother Bob was an excellent versatile film composer and your father was certainly equally versatile to bringing Maybelline to life!