Friday, November 19, 2010

Maybelline's namesake was Mabel Williams.

Here is a picture of Maybel, Chet and their three children, Shirley, Tommy and Joyce taken in Chicago, 1934

It was Auntie Maybel's simple beauty trick that inspired her brother Tom Lyle Williams to produce Lash Brow Ine in 1915.  He eventually renamed the product to Maybelline in 1917 in honor of his sister and formed Maybel Laboratories in Chicago. 

Read all about Maybel and Chet in The Maybelline Story, as well as the rest of the Williams Family and all the people who helped make the Maybelline Company the number one eye makeup in the world;  a position it still holds today, 95 years after that first 'burning of the cork' at Maybel's dressing table. 

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