Thursday, December 30, 2010

Maybelline family from the West Coast, "What Price Glory?

Christmas 1968, from left to right, Sharrie, Bill, Tom Lyle, Billee, Pauline, Donna and Evelyn Williams at our home in Culver City California. 8 year old Preston was sleeping, but little Pepsi our black poodle made the picture.

It was a bitter sweet Christmas that year, Unk Ile had made his entire family millionaires overnight and our family was busy building a 5,000 square foot home on the bay on Lido Isle in Newport Beach with a 50 ft. yacht already ordered and on its way.  This was the last year we'd be the family we'd always known and loved - the last year we'd have our beloved Unk Ile with us at Christmas, because his health wouldn't allow him to drive the distance to our new home any longer - and the last year before all hell broke loose, as every gold digger in Newport Beach tried to steal Bill away from Pauline.  So now I ask myself 43 years later, "What price glory, and was it all worth it?"  All the money, the cars, the beautiful homes, the beautiful people that came into our lives following the sale of the Maybelline Co.  Well, to answer that question you will have to read my story and judge for yourself. I know you'll find it hard to put down and you will never look at overnight wealth the same way again.

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