Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tom Lyle Williams decides to sell the Maybelline Co. after the death of Emery Shaver.

Maybelline King, Tom Lyle Williams with his sister in law, Evelyn Williams, Christmas 1964.

Christmas 1964 was very sad for Tom Lyle as you can see in his face.  His lifetime partner, Emery Shaver, had died that Spring from a massive heart attack and by 1965 Tom Lyle realized he couldn't carry on alone.  His health began to take a turn for the worst and he could no longer handle the pressure of running a company that continued to expand. Maybelline sold two years later to Plough Inc.  Read more about Tom Lyle, the Maybelline Company, his lifetime relationship with Emery and his devotion to his sister in law, Evelyn Williams, in The Maybelline Story.

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