Saturday, March 5, 2011

Maybelline Family cruising down the highway in Dad's 1961 Limo.

Georgia, Sharrie eating an apple and Preston at Casa Guillermo, Palm Springs California, 1982.

One of the most fun car's in my dad's collection was his 1961 Limousine - he said had belonged to President Ford - a Palm Springs resident himself.  The Limo had places to put two little American Flags on the hood and on Memorial Day and the 4th of July Dad had the flags flying, while he sped down the highway, if only to go to the market. 

 One of my best memories was going to the drive-in with the whole family including my 5 month old baby daughter in her car seat.  Dad put red roses from his garden in the little etched vases that were attached to the inside of the car in the back seat,  He liked the smell he said and of course red was Maybelline's colors.  I felt like we were Vampires cruising low in the night, quietly slipping into a slot next to other cars, who did double takes at the big old Limo packed with the family.  Dad always brought his martini shaker and a glass to watch the picture in style, while my baby girl sucked her bottle, Preston popped open a beer and Gloria my dad's future wife, took goodies out of a picnic basket.  We all liked to talk a lot, so more gabbing and laughing went on then picture watching, but I have to say it was more fun being in that Limo, up close and personal with my dad and family than any nightclub in town with a hot date.  Family was everything to us and still is.

When my sister Billee got married in 1998 Dad detailed the Limo inside and out and drove the "out of town family," to my house for a cocktail party before the rehearsal dinner.   He was always a kick and kept everyone in stitches with is hysterical antics.

Dad the Limo driver getting ready to pick up his guests and drive them to my home for cocktails.

My dad, Bill Williams, Father of the Bride looking like a million bucks as always in his Tux.

My Cousin Chuck, the "car-guy" in the family today, with me to the right and Billee's bridesmaids getting in the car.

Beautiful Birde, Billee Williams Keller and her new husband Dr. Steven Keller, on the way to their reception in Newport Beach.

Cousin Chuck at the wheel with me by his side. What's playing on the stereo?  The Beach Boy's of course - singing "Wouldn't it be Nice."    -  Click here to listen to whats playing while we cruise in the Limo down Pacific Coast Hwy with the sun glistening off the Pacific Ocean.

The day the limo was sold at the estate-sale in 2004, along with all of dad's incredible car's, was a sad day indeed.  But for over 35 years at Casa Guillermo, we made the most fun memories and had the time of our lives in Daddy's Cars.

The Beach Boy's said it best, "and we'll have fun fun fun till Daddy takes the T-Bird away!!"

Click to here The Beach Boy's sing Fun Fun Fun.

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