Friday, March 4, 2011

Maybelline Car-Guy, Bill Williams with a couple of jealous mistresses.

Ever since my great uncle Tom Lyle Williams, founder of the Maybelline Company gave my dad his first car for Christmas when he was 15, beautiful automobiles became a jealous mistress, constantly begging to be upgraded to more expensive models.  My dad Bill Williams and his cousin, Bill Stroh who went on to become a well known race car driver in Chicago in the 1960's, continued to collect and drive the most amazing cars ever.  Here is a picture of Bill Williams and Bill Stroh with Bill Stroh's car in 1944  about to take a Cruise to the Malibu beach before Bill Williams takes off for boot camp.
Bill Williams and Bill Stroh, 1945.
 Two cousins changing a tire while my mother Pauline
Mac Donald waits on the side of the road.

.                                                                                                     Here are my parents Bill and Pauline with my little sister Donna and Me standing in front of our 1949 midnight blue Cadillac with white convertible top, white leather interior and big fat white-wall tires.  My dad had gone out for a beer and came home with this beauty.  I remember him pulling into our driveway honking the horn as we all ran out screaming while he smiled ear to ear with his arm hanging out the window.  We all piled into the Cad and cruised the beach at sunset.  This was the California Dream for a couple of 29 year old kids with their two little girls in the back seat.

Tomorrow I will post another story of "Bill the Car-Guy Williams" and his mad love affair with beautiful automobiles.

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