Thursday, March 3, 2011

Maybelline heir Preston Williams lll takes wild ride in his dad's XKE-V12

Preston Williams lll remembers taking a joy ride in his dad's XKE.

Dads 1971 Jag XKE V12, was quite fast.  I remember doing one of those joy rides, unbeknownst to Dad, who was at the condo in Newport Beach.  Tom and I had just driven out of the gates of Casa de Guillermo, turned right on to Patencio Road and then pulled onto the dirt shoulder side of the road, to test it's pony's.  I threw it into low drive and punched it!  It starting spinning it's wheels throwing dirt and all of a sudden grabbed a rock or something and jerked to the left.  The car did a complete 360 circle.  The long front end swung around like the hand of a clock and we both saw the wall next to us coming closer and closer as the front end swung around. Thank God the car missed it by the hair of my chiney chin chin, but needless to say that pretty much ended our fun for the day, as we both we freaked out after that!, But tomorrow would come and I am sure we got into something else because I knew where the keys to all the cars were so when dad was always an adventure!  
Written by William Preston Williams lll

Author Sharrie Willliams with her brother Preston.

Read more about Bill's son Preston and his roller coaster childhood in Newport Beach and Palm Springs in The Maybelline Story.

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