Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rudolph Valentino's pool tile, 1940.

Tom Lyle gave this piece of tile to his sister Eva, who used it as a hot plate for years before passing it on to her daughter Marilyn, who eventually gave it to her first born son Richard Gerald, who is still using it as a hot plate today.  Just a little fun trivia from the Maybelline Family.

Eva (Williams) and Chester Haines, 45th Wedding Anniversary, 1969 and the family.

Front row L to R, Marilyn, Jackie, Peter Haines, Cindy Gary, Mathew Haines, Eva & Chester

Next row, Richard Gerald, John Gary, Bob Haines, Chris Haines, Jay Haines, Bob Westhouse, Steve Haines, Dave Westhouse & Kathy Gary, Mitch Haines & Lori Gary on the staircase.

More Maybelline Vintage ads and family lore tomorrow.  If you want to know more about this amazing family and the company they helped launch in 1915, be sure to order a signed copy at  Also Tama Bags are available for purchase with a copy of The Maybelline Story now.

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