Sunday, August 14, 2011

Beach Boy Dennis Wilson's Iconic Surfboard lives on with Chuck Williams, BB1.

 Dennis Wilson's parent's bought him this surfboard and he learned to surf on it at Santa Cruz and Monterey, California.  Mike Love entrusted the board to Chuck Williams, BB1, in 1972 and Chuck has kept it safe in storage ever since.
BB1 with Dennis Wilson's surf board and an original poster from the Santa Barbara Bowl, from 1975.

After the Maybelline Company sold, BB1's parents moved to Montecito, California and Mike Love stayed with them in the Maybeck estate while looking for a house himself in 1971.  Chuck, BB1, is the Beach Boys most trusted friend and though he is a walking encyclopedia on Beach Boy memorabilia, he's never betrayed their trust or compromised his integrity in anyway.

In the early 1970's Chuck - BB1, produced concerts at the Santa Barbara Bowl and because of his close friendship with Mike Love, The Beach Boys played there several times.  Here is a poster of Beach Boys at the Bowl in 1980, with another picture of Brian Wilson with a special fan. 

More about Chuck BB1 and the Beach Boys next weekend, so stay tuned if you love never before told memories of the number one Beach Boy fan.

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