Monday, August 1, 2011

An exhausted Tom Lyle Williams let's go of Maybelline in 1967.

Maybelline Company sells to Plough Inc. December 1967, after exhausting 11th hour negotiations seals deal, with cash-heavy pharmaceutical corporation.
This picture was taken soon after the sale of the Maybelline Company.  You can see a very weary, almost sad expression on Tom Lyle's face.  Notice the stacks of papers, perhaps reports on Plough's financial history as well as global magazines featuring Maybelline ads.   He and Tom Lyle Jr., worked 18 hour day's with Abe Plough, founder and owner of Plough Inc, making a deal that benefited 26 familes beyond their wildest imagination.   He was a truly great man with a passionate heart for those he loved.

One of Tom Lyle's first gorgeous Silent Film Star's Gloria Swanson, endorses Lash-Brow-Ine, the product that preceded Maybelline in 1915.  Tom Lyle will always be remembered in the cosmetic industry as the King of Advertising, a creative genius with an eye for what women want.

Read more about Tom Lyle and Emery's lunch with Gloria Swanson, at the Polo Club, in the Beverly Hills Hotel, 1928, in The Maybelline Story and get your signed copy today at 

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