Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Millionaires next door, with Maybelline money.

After 53 years of building the Maybelline Company, Tom Lyle sells to Plough Inc. and divides the profits among his family. 
Tom Lyle in the middle with his niece Marilyn (Williams-Haines), her husband John Gary and three of their 6 kids, Bobby, Lori and Cindy in Bel Air, 1968.

We all received an unexpected check in the mail that   changed our lives overnight.  It was like winning the lottery.  We were now millionaires and though
 Tom Lyle asked that the money be preserved
 for future generations in safe investments, the race
 was on to create extravagant lifestyles.  We were rich
 in a time when money was worth something and luxuries could be bought at uninflated prices.  So the estates, cars, yachts, jewelry, clothes, that would be untouchable at today's prices were attainable
 45 years ago.                   

The fun of it was, there was no competition or
jealousy within the families, because we were all equally wealthy and and able to do most anything we wanted. 

If you're curious to know what we did, you'll have to read The Maybelline Story and the Spirited Family Dynasty Behind It.  Buy a signed copy at http://www.maybellinestory.com/.                


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