Wednesday, August 3, 2011

$100,000,000 given to CARE and Salvation Army by Maybelline founder.

The Tom Lyle Williams Foundation, still gives to charity, 43 years after the sale of the Maybelline Company.

Tom Lyle Williams, with his niece Annette Williams-Corbett, in 1968, after the sale of the Maybelline Company.  Like her uncle, Annette believed in preserving her new wealth through non-profit foundations.  She worked as a secretary for the Maybelline Company before marrying George Corbett in the late 1940's and continued to have a unique relationship wih her boss (and uncle,) incorporating his values throughout her long life.  Tom Lyle believed that the more he gave to others, the more came back to him, 10 fold.  "Don't lend money if you can't afford to give it, with no expectation of return," was a statement he lived by his entire life.  His fondation still gives and lives on today helping those in need.

Read more about Tom Lyle and his unusual generosity  in The Maybelline Story.  Also we still have a few Tama Bags and Maybelline book, at for $50.  A good portion of profit from the bag and book goes to Instruments 4 Africa to help young girls in Mali, West Africa, have the opportunity gain an education. 

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