Thursday, August 4, 2011

Maybelline money made dreams come true for everyone in 1968.

The Transformation began in 1968, as the families took on  new lifestyles, matching dreams that were now reality..

My father Bill Williams was 44 when Maybelline sold, and by the time he reached his 45 Birthday, he was in full swing of making his dreams come true.  Here he is on his 45th Birtday, with my sister Billee on her 13th Birthday and our grandfather, Andy Mac Donald, on his 78th, in Nov, 1968.

The first thing my dad wanted was a 48 foot yacht, a house on the water in Newport Beach California and a whole new identity, "Captain Bill of Lido Isle."

My dad, Captain Bill, standing outside his mother's apartment on Lido Isle, looking at the bay in 1969.

A natural builder and designer my dad bought a double lot on Lido Isle in 1968, tore down the old home, built two matching homes, one for us on the right, and one to sell.  He was now a millionaire, builder, captain, and prey for every gold digger in Newport Beach.   

Too handsome and too young to have so much money in a time when most people on Lido had earned their money and were much older.  This new breed of new money was looked down on, and boy did we stand out in 1969 with new cars, flashy clothes and parties all the time. 

Evelyn Williams, my Nana, at 67, soon after she got her check in the mail from the sale of the Maybelline Company.    

The phone rang in our house, as we too, were looking at the figure on the check that had just come in the mail.  "I'm a millionaire," she screamed on the phone, "can you believe it."

Noel and Jean Williams celebrated the good news by flying to Maui, Hawaii and buying a condo on the water in Lahaina.  When Jean saw the check the day it came in the mail, she ran down the hallway of their home in Encino, California, screaming,  "I'm rich!!!" 

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