Thursday, August 18, 2011

Maybelline Girl becomes a Bride!

"A toast to Mr. and Mrs. Beautiful," he said - as Father of the Bride kicking off an all night reception, at his Palm Springs estate, before sending his daughter and her new husband off on an Acapulco Honeymoon. 

Married on the steps on my Fathers Spanish Casa, with 250 quests in attendance. 
Gene E. Dorney Attorney at Law, and his Bride,
Sharrie Lynn Williams
 Though I was sad letting go of my last name, Williams, I was very happy being Mrs Gene. E. Dorney.  Here we are in Acapulco having fun, before getting sun-stroke, winding up sick in bed and having to come home early.   For the next 6 months, my job was writing out hundreds of thank you notes, finding a place for a room filled with Shower and Wedding gifts and looking for a new home - a Wedding gift from my father.

Want to know more?  Pick you a signed copy of The Maybelline Story and be prepared for a roller coaster ride that will leave you waiting to exhale. 

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