Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My great uncle, Tom Lyle,Williams, gives his blessing, as I head to the alter in 1973.

Two engagement parties, three Wedding Showers and a Bridesmaid's luncheon, before becoming a Lawyer's Wife.

Three of my seven Bridesmaids, to my right, my sister Billee, my college roommate Marylin Wendt, and Gene's best man's wife, Debbie Corradini.

50 ladies at each event meant writing 200 thank you notes.  My sister Billee at my side, as I meet my guests, show off my engagement diamond, discuss Wedding plans and our Honeymoon in Acapulco.

Nana looked so happy, playing grandmother of the Bride, since my own mother was emotionally incapable of being with me, after my parents heartbreaking divorce and my father's remarriage to Linda.  Once again Billee stands next to me as I hold one of the three ribbon bouquets I'd have to choose to carry, during the Wedding rehearsal at my father's home in Palm Springs.

400 invitations sent out, 250 guests stay in hotels for  three days as one event after another takes place before Gene and I finally say,  "I do."

Check back tomorrow to see why my father called us,  "Mr. and Mrs. Beautiful.

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