Sunday, October 23, 2011

Automobile designer Alain Clenet's version of a 1934 Packard Convertible.

It's no wonder Maybelline founder Tom Lyle Williams nephew, Bill Williams, loved his 1977 Clenet Series 1, # 13 out of 250.

The nostalgic features reminded him of his childhood in the 1930's, growing up surrounded by his uncle's beautiful custom-designed, Packard's.

Tom Lyle's 1940 Packard Victoria, at the Villa Valentino, where Bill spent his youth.  All of Tom Lyle's Packard's were custom made. One was famous for having gold plated chrome. 

Bill with his uncle Tom Lyle Williams, 1934.

 The 1934 Packard offered a line of semi-custom cars that were usually built in numbers of at least five. The 11th series cars were distinguished from all other models by their raked back, “vee” windshields, extra long hoods, extra wide cowls, and their extra tall radiators.
These were unique to only this model year.

11 year old Bill Williams, was with his uncle, Tom Lyle, at the 1934 Chicago's World Fair, when this car was shown.  Tom Lyle ordered the car and had it delivered to the Maybelline Building, where the key's were handed to him.  A picture of the delivery is documented in Packard's private journals.

Imagine how this super long, super ornate automobile, must have looked to a young boy.  So it's no wonder, that when Alain Clenet, produced his series 1 convertible in 1977, Bill was one of the first to purchase it for, $80,000 - with custom etched windows and his initials etched in the door. 

Bill's Clenet will be shown at the Santa Barbara Concours D' Elegance, next weekend.  Hope so see some of you there.  
Alain Clenet will also be in attendance. 

Watch for Sharrie next week on The Morning Scramble, making, Mrs. Noel J. Williams, "auntie Frances"
 to die for, Chocolate Extravaganza. 

 Show will be posted on the Maybelline Blog as well.

Clenet preservati​on discussion​. Steve Kouracos and Sharrie Williams discuss the preservati​on restoratio​n of her father Bill Williams Clenet. Come meet Steve next weekend at the Santa Barbara Concours.

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