Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sharrie and Gene never gave up on their dreams.

I married a brilliant young attorney, Gene Dorney, in the early 1970's and for 20 years we balanced marriage with trying to make our personal dreams come true.

When we were kids, Gene dreamed of being a Record Producer - discovering young talent and guiding their careers - while I hoped to become an actress, producer, and writer.  We never gave up on our dreams.

Having dreams kept us young and excited about the future.  In time Gene, formed his own band, The Rounders, and I began to write The Maybelline Story.

The Rounders, played together for over 35 years, before Gene started, The Gene Dorney Band.

A talented musician, Gene played the Base Guitar, Sax, Clarinet, and had a distinctive singing voice.

You can find The Gene Dorney Band, still Rocking, in Newport Beach.  

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