Friday, October 28, 2011

Maybelline Heir, Bill Williams Series 1,Clenet # 13, on his way to Alain Clenet's ranch!!

 Bill Williams, 1977 Clenet, Series 1, number 13, is on it's way up the Coast to Santa Barbara. 

Bill's Clenet is a guest of honor tomorrow night, at Alain Clenet's ranch in Santa Barbara, where a party given to celebrate the 35th anniversary reunion, of Clénet Coachworks, will take place. 

Bill is on his way for some TLC, before making an appearance with Alain Clenet, the man who designed and built him, almost 35 years ago. Click on the video to watch Bill leave the garage and head out on the street.

But first a little buffing.  Just like his owner, Bill Williams, he always wants to dress to impress. Click highlighted, to see Bill, when he first purchased his Clenet # 13.

Alain Clenet, signed Bill's Clenet, this year at the Desert Concous in La Quinta California.

Check back all weekend and follow Bill, at the Clenet party tomorrow night, and his showing at the Concours d' Elegance, this Sunday at the Santa Barbara Polo Grounds.

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