Thursday, October 27, 2011

Frances Williams - Grande Dame, in the Maybelline family.

When Tom Lyle asked Noel and Frances, if they'd postpone their Wedding for one year and give him the $500 saved for their big occasion, It was Frances who made the final call. 

Second from the left, Frances and her girlfriends were excited about the upcoming Wedding plans, when she got a letter from her fiance with the big question.  Tom Lyle needs the money I've saved for our wedding, what should we do?  When Frances tried her future brother-in- law's product, she agreed to wait another year.
The Bride a Groom not only received the $500 back, exactly one year later, Tom Lyle gave them a new car for a wedding gift and made Noel, Vice President of the Maybelline Company in 1917.

A year and a half later, Baby Helen, was born with a secure childhood waiting for her, because her mother  waited a little bit longer to start her married life.

Neppy, Helen, Noel J., Dick, Frances, Noel A., 1936.
Four children later, Frances became the matriarch of her family and the Grande Dame, in Maybelline hierarchy. Standing as a pillar in the foundation of an Empire she helped launch. 

Try Frances' - Chocolate Icebox Dessert, aka, Bavarian Chocolate, Gourmet Chocolate Lover's Dream and taste her stamp of excellence. Check favorite recepies tab.

Check in this weekend as Bill's Clenet begins his trek up the Southern California Coastline, to Santa Barbara, for his big appearance at the Santa Barbara Concours D' Elegance.

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