Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Maybelline cousins love Roy Rogers in the 1950s.

 Maybelline Cousins in the 1950's - like their parents in the 1930's - loved to dress up like Cowboy's and Cowgirls.

Roy Rogers, and Dale Evans were the King and Queen, of  Saturday morning TV, from 1951 - 1957, and most every girl and boy had their own cowboy costume.

Here I am at my 6th Birthday, sitting on my dad, Bill Williams lap - a little amped on sugar it looks like - with my little sister Donna, sitting quietly on our grandfather, Andy Mac Donald's lap, while my grandmother Elna - who never wore eye makeup - smiles for the camera.  Notice the Lucite coffee table, sofa and Hawaiian drapes.  They came from the Villa Valentino, after it was destroyed, when the Hollywood freeway took it in 1951.

 Trigger rides again, as Roy and Dale give a big Cowboy shout out, in the Old West.  In 1954, all I wanted was a baby sister and brother, while  Donna on the other hand,  wanted a horse, just like Trigger.

Sharrie and Donna, Cowgirls to the core.

My cousin's, Chuck, (aka, BB1,) and Nancy, were the little Roy and Dale, of the family, and like us, they were crazy about Saturday morning television, on those tiny TV sets in the early 1950's.

  During the early 1950's, Maybelline began showing Before and After, commercials, on network stations and it was a really big deal for our family when one came on.

The Baby Boomers grew up with television commercials, and Maybelline was a household word.  Unlike my grandmother's, generation, making up your eyes was a natural part of becoming a teenager.

Click on the above video, to see a trailer from the Roy Rogers, King of the Cowboy's television show.

Click on the above video to watch an early black and white Maybelline commercial.

Read more about the fabulous 1950's when Maybelline commercials first appeared on network TV, 
in The Maybelline Story. 

Signed copy's available at www.maybellinestory.com.

- Watch for Sharrie on AZTV, making rich, fattening, gooey, comfort food deserts, from the Depression Era, Next week.

- Bill Williams Classic Clenet will be shown at the Santa Barbara Concours D' Elegance, Oct 28 -30.

- Sharrie will be doing a presentation in Laguna Beach, Nov 5, at Laguna Books, - 6:00pm.

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